1. For HIS car...
Flashlight with Regular and Phillips fold down screwdrivers. Also includes a sealtbelt cutter and glass breaker for auto emergencies.
2. For HIS wallet...
Wallet Ninja
Fits perfectly in a wallet and contains a bottle opener, can opener, ruler, cell phone stand, 4 screw drivers, and more. 18 tools in 1.
3. For HIS toolbox...
Magetic Wristband
Solves the problem of dropping nuts and bolts while you're on a ladder or other precarious locations. Increases safety while working.
4. For HIS kitchen...
Wine Pourer / Aerator
Sturdy plastic with rubber cap is easily washable and ready to use. Pour from your favorite bottle into any glass, cup, or carafe.
The last gift is a choice of the following items. Please make one selection below to continue to Payment section.
Tie Holder
A rotating plastic tie holder to save space in his closet and keep things uncluttered and neat.
USB Coffee Cup Warmer
A coffee cup warmer that runs off the USD of a computer. Also includes multiple USB outlets.
Credit Card Knife
A knife that easily folds to the size of a credit card and fits in his wallet for protection and utiltiy.
Survival Wristband
A paracord wristband he can use while hiking. Includes flint for starting fires, a whistle, and compass.